5 ways to embrace sustainability in healthcare packaging

Identify improvement opportunities at every stage of your packaging’s lifecycle. The time to act is now!

The trend toward sustainable packaging is no longer a trend, but a vital component of your brand’s value. And making progress toward a more sustainable future is a common goal we all should strive for. But getting there is much easier said than done. 

With the help of Veritiv®, start the year off right by evaluating your packaging’s lifecycle to identify improvement opportunities at every stage. 

Employ responsible design 
 Use packaging designs that prioritize right-sizing and lightweighting to reduce emissions, material usage and storage requirements while lowering DIM weight.

Source emerging materials and products 
 Access materials that are reusable, recycled, recyclable and renewable, including post-consumer recycled (PCR), post-consumer waste (PCW) and pre- and post-industrial waste (PIW).

Analyze impacts proactively 
 Use end-to-end packaging lifecycle analysis tools to assess the environmental impacts of your packaging, from manufacturing and conversion to distribution and disposal.

Reduce waste through LEAN 
 Discover and reduce hidden product, process and effort waste throughout your operation with the help of our LEAN Advisors.

Lower the effects of logistics 
 Take advantage of our nationwide network to get deliveries from nearby locations, reducing emissions and transportation costs.

Don’t wait until it's too late—take steps now to make your packaging better for the planet, people and your brand. 

Connect with a Veritiv Healthcare Packaging specialist to start your sustainability journey.